What is the Project Series?

Originally the only Oasis offering, the Project Series is a one-semester curriculum focused on building a web app alongside a team of fellow beginners with help from mentors. Weekly Hack Sessions workshops will ensure you have the skills you need to bring your projects to life!

Why join?

With support from our mentors, your group, and the Oasis community, bring your software idea to life.

Bridge the gap between classes and co-op.

Learn co-op applicable skills, not taught in everyday coursework.

Designed for all backgrounds.

We have the resources to get you started, no matter your experience level.

Extracurricular Launchpad!

Build relationships with your team, mentors, other clubs, and employers through networking events.

Enrollment Timeline

Each semester we welcome a new cohort of students. We are limited in how many students we can accept due to a limited number of available mentors. This process is subject to change each semester, but this is the typical series of events.

Acceptance is is first-come-first-serve; it is not based on your technical experience or background.


Info Session

1st Sunday of the semester

Learn more about what Oasis is, our Hack Session timeline, new changes for this year, and meet our Eboard.


Hack Sessions 0 & 1

Sundays following Info Session

Join us for Hack Sessions 0 and 1 where we'll introduce essential skills and give you opportunities to meet other prospective participants so you can form a group and decide on an idea.


Registration & Confirmation

Following Hack Session 1

After Hack Session 1 registration will open. Fill out the form quickly when it comes out, it's first-come-first-serve! A few days following registration, you'll receive a confirmation form to complete if you've been offered a spot.


Hack Sessions begin

3rd Sunday of the Semester

Once the enrollment process is complete weekly Sunday Hack Sessions begin. Unfortunately, attendance at Hack Sessions is restricted to accepted students only. For students still looking to get involved, we host Explorer Events which are open to all.

Session by Session

Ideation & Design
Git & Web Basics
React Essentials
Co-op Panel
Deployment & Presenting
Demo Day!


We don't assess them in the traditional sense. We pride ourselves on being open to students from all backgrounds and experience levels, so our application is first-come first-serve to keep it simple and fair for everybody.

A typical semester is roughly 80 students. We target 10 mentors each semester, and each mentor works with two groups of four students each.

Sort of. We don't require you come to the Info Session, but we would like to warn that it's highly unlikely you'll be able to reserve a spot if you're not because students apply as a group and we facilitate finding a group during both the Info Session and Hack Session 1.

At a minimum, you'll learn how to use React, Git, and Supabase. In addition, you'll learn the theory behind these technologies and some project management skills, as well as anything else relevant to your group's specific project. More generally, you'll learn to research complex problems and seek out your own solutions for future projects of your own.

We require that all students be present at each Sunday at the two-hour Hack Sessions. You're welcome to work on your project outside of that team if you would like, but it's not expected.

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