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What's Oasis?

Oasis is an eight-week program that helps students learn to build their first website or app, no experience required! To do this, we pair you with a team and a mentor, and teach you the skills you need through Hack Sessions every Sunday. At each Hack Session you receive a 30-minute workshop, and then spend 90 minutes with your team building your project.

Project Series

A semester-long curriculum to help you build your first full-stack project!
Join the cohort at the start of each semester.

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Explorer Series

Workshops, employer events, networking, and more!
Open to all, no application required.

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At Oasis, we believe in three key values: remain open, teach learning to learn over learning frameworks, and that the best way to learn is to learn by doing. As such, we teach as many students as we can to build not only their first projects, but also the skills they need to tackle their subsequent projects.

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Oasis was founded in the Fall of 2020 as a Sandbox program. Originally it was a series of virtual workshops and a network of mentors and project groups to help each other out. Over time, it's evolved into the project accelerator and larger organization it is today. It became an independent club in Spring of 2023.

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Our Team

Profile Image for Frank Anderson

Frank Anderson


Profile Image for Sama Zaki

Sama Zaki


Profile Image for Caitlin Flynn

Caitlin Flynn

Operations Director

Profile Image for Laith Taher

Laith Taher

Project & Explorer Series Director

Profile Image for Jayson Sella

Jayson Sella

Project Series Director

Profile Image for Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis

Explorer Series Director

Profile Image for Allen Lin

Allen Lin

Head Mentor

Profile Image for Isha Chadalavada

Isha Chadalavada

Resources Director

Profile Image for Maggie Collette

Maggie Collette

Resources Director

Profile Image for Rei Masuya

Rei Masuya

Brand Designer

Profile Image for Cee Latkar

Cee Latkar

Marketing Core Director

Profile Image for Harini Avula

Harini Avula

Marketing Spotlight Director

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